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Can BioRocket Blast help you gain muscle faster?

The BioRocket Blast was first used by men as a supplement to help them build and shape muscles in the body. This is because the Bio Rocket blast raises the level of the production of testosterone to an optimum level. If you are young, your body most likely produces these hormones at the top level; but if you are in your 40s or 50s the body tends to draw back in its production, and thus the performance of this hormones will also be reduced.

Low levels of Testosterone are not pinned only against age; it can also be caused by stress and poor restorative powers of tissues. Out of chance, Testosterone is also the hormone that is suspect of erectile dysfunction. Thus, the BioRocket Blast now is not only used as muscle enhancer but also a supplement against erectile dysfunction.

What’s good about BioRocket Blast is that it says it produces testosterone naturally. Regardless of age or any other reasons behind the decline of testosterone, the ingredients and components of BioRocket Blast will increase the hormone’s count. The product also says that the production of this hormone will not in any way affect the other aspects of your health.


Sex is one of the most overly complicated rituals undertaken by every adult at some point. It is the basis by which many people create connections with one another, assert dominance, blow off steam, or simply just procreate. It is one of the baser function that humans follow, and when things don’t work correctly physically, there is always a great deal of emotion accompanied. Performance anxiety can come from one or more parties. With all of the emotional investment, the need to perform at optimum level is staggering. It can remove the enjoyment from the activity. Even the best need to constantly improve to maintain a high level of sexual performance. Sexual performance and sex drive for many ties directly into their identity. It is the way they know they stand out. When it begins to lack either from erectile dysfunction or the gradual lowering in testosterone, it can be stressful.

Sexual performance issues can arise from a myriad of sources. Mental health issues are usually the first cause. Approximately one in five men experience lower sex drive which can impact performance or lead to a lack of performance opportunities. Sex drive and sexual performance is something that is very flexible. High stress leads to a high output of cortisol which in turn makes it harder and harder to get aroused or maintain arousal. Anxiety, as mentioned before, takes a toll on the body and can prevent any state of arousal from occurring. Depression as a cause is more frequent than many suspect. One of the symptoms of depression is the lessening of the urge to engage in any activity, let alone one as emotional as sexual activity. Another cause of sexual desire waning in adults is the lowering of hormone levels caused by the use of drugs whether recreational or prescription. The body is extremely sensitive to outside stimulants that can directly or indirectly impact sexual performance through messing with sleep or cycles. The chemical makeup of certain prescription drugs can negatively impact the body and lead to lesser levels of sexual activity or even slight temporary impotency. The balance of testosterone versus estrogen in the body can make a massive difference not only in the function of genitalia but in how the body is formed. For males, testosterone production is directly tied into sex drive as well as the tenacity of erections.


There are and always have been a wide abundance of products on the market that claim to improve sexual performance capability. These products can range from the reliable and costly to the cheap and ineffective down to the dangerous and untested. Finding a product that suits the individual’s body is a journey that has its ups and downs. Careful testing and heavy research leads to the best results. The process of improving something as essential and pleasurable as sexual performance and sexual drive has benefits. It requires careful attention to every aspect of the body’s performance both mentally and physically. Mentally, observing the flow of emotions and moods, managing levels of anxiety, aggression, and mental clarity all impact how the individual acts and performs in bed. Physically, attention to endurance, composition, genital health, energy levels and more all are components that make up the sexual machine that is being built to function at a higher level. Observing and improving each individually is an arduous task that has a high pay off that is beneficial. On the other hand, there are ways to address each in groups that make it easier to improve/treat deficiencies. Companies such as Androgenyx have developed products such as Edge HPX to handle this process so that it frees up time for users to focus on other aspects of their journey to higher sexual function. Their flagship product, Edge HPX, is used to treat a myriad of physical ailments. Edge HPX is a nitric oxide concentrated treatment used by both high functioning athletes and those suffering from underperformance issues sexually. Androgenyx’s application of the Edge HPX supplement to treat erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and more make it a highly useful tool for improving overall health. With a concentration on ease of delivery for all Edge HPX pills, the organic simple ingredients such as Zinc found in an Edge HPX supplement make it easy to incorporate as part of a large supplement stack. Edge HPX pills range in dosage recommendation very little, as most are recommended to take a thirty day dose with a one week to two week cycle off to avoid the body becoming use to the pill. However, Edge HPX is most effective when used while adhering to a strict fitness regimen. While its cost is minimal, the benefits are observable within the first few days using Edge HPX consistently.