Getting Rid of Gut: Best Exercises

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

Exercise makes our body strong and our mind sharp. It is easy to say that we will do exercise yet we fail most of the time. Most people put exercise as part of their new year’s resolution and do procrastinate until next year comes. To have a healthy body, exercise is necessary. As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. We need to exercise because this releases positive hormones in our body which is called endorphins. It helps reduce stress and face the daily challenges that we encounter in life. A nice thing to keep in mind, exercise is not just good for our body, but also important for our entire well-being.

Crunches Don’t Work


When we plan of losing weight, normally it starts with our gut or belly. This is the part that easily gets fat, too. There are a lot of reasons why we get belly fat. Not eating the right food, unhealthy lifestyle and emotional problems are just some of the reasons why this happens. Everyone wants to have a flat stomach. Going to events like wedding or beach outing, we prepare to be looking good and it will make us feel good as well. A bonus of bragging rights if we were able to accomplish it in a few days. Women do simple exercise like crunches and think that it is sufficient enough to get rid of abs. Lou Schuler, co-author of The New Rules of Lifting for Abs said, “Crunches work only the muscles on the front and sides of your abdomen, but it’s important to target all the muscles of the core to get more defined abs—including lower back, hips, and upper thighs”.

Schuler recommends doing core exercises because it prevents back pains, focus on more muscles and enhance our posture. Sharing Three Powerful Ab Exercises from The New Rules of Lifting for Abs to get fit and flat tummy in a shorter time.

  1. Side Planking

Benefit:  Defies the process of normal planking. Your whole body weight is backed up by the two parts. Normal planking is backing up four parts of our body. This exercise improves your core to become stronger and sturdy.


  1. Start by lying down to your left. Your elbows placed below your shoulder and your legs should be together. Position your right hand to your left shoulder or your right hip.
  2. Support your abs and raise your hips from the floor. You need to maintain balance with both your forearm and feet until you are able to form a slanted line. Stay on that position for 30 to 45 seconds. If you cannot do it, you can remain on that position for as long as you can, rest and redo the steps as far as you complete a total of 30 seconds. Switch places and continue with the steps.
  1. Walkout from Pushup Position

Benefit: It requires the entire body to move like using our legs and arms with the blend of resistance to intensify your entire core. Overall


  1. Begin with push up post and your hands should be two inches wider than the position of your shoulder.
  2. Move your hand outward and as far as you can and walk back inward after. Repeat it for 10 to 20 times.

Challenge: Raise your one leg before walking.

  1. Alligator Drag

Benefit: It requires working with your entire core to maintain your body resistance and removing the added calories with the additional action (moving slowly on the floor). It is a combination of stamina, balance and cardio training to see the quick effect on your abs.



  1. Look for a wide floor where you can move forward for about 10 to 20 yards. Take a thing that will be able to slip on the floor with minimum resistance. (e.g. plastic bags or plates can be used for floors that has carpets and towels are effective for floors with wood or tiles.)
  2. Do a push up post, placing your feet on the slides (towel, plates or bags)
  3. Walk forward with your hands going to the end of the track that you set up (your goal is to complete the 10 yards). Pause for 60 to 90 seconds (until you recover) and redo the alligator walk from where you started. You completed one set and you have to redo it again once.

As said, in order to form a habit, you must complete 21 days of repeating those actions. For more encouragement, here are the benefits of having firm abs:

  • Eliminate Lower-Back Pain – it enhances our flexibility and stamina since the focus of the exercises are entirely on the lower extremities of our body.
  • Enhance posture – our lower extremities are our support to have a good posture and doing the exercises help to even out weight to our body well.
  • Develop proper breathing – breathing plays a vital role when doing core exercises. They are like a tag team – one cannot function without the other. Improving our breathing will develop our diaphragm and will convert to improving our core strength. In the long run, having a stable core strength provides easier breathing.
  • Slender Waistline – since our belly is the start of everything – gaining and losing weight, we see improvement on it first once we do core exercises.
  • Progress in sports activities – when you like sports core exercises help improve your body and as a result, you become an efficient player. You can contribute more for the team and deliver better performance.
  • Boost self-confidence – exercise improve our overall personality. We become more productive and dependable. Looking good reflects feeling good and our social skills improve as well.

It is easy to get rid of gut if we have the right mindset on it. We have to focus why are we doing this and the main reason is to have a better health. We can get everything we want as long as we have good health. So, when do you start? Act now.